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Risk Index - 2023 Distracted Driving for Business [Infographic]

Risk Index
2023 Distracted Driving for Businesses

Business leaders report an increased number of employees have been involved in crashes. Here’s a look at what’s happening while employees are behind the wheel.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Association*, the total economic impact of motor vehicle accidents was $340 billion in 2019, the equivalent of approximately $1,035 for every person living in the United States. Here’s a look at key findings from the 2023 Travelers Risk Index and how a distracted driving policy can help businesses.

risk Index
2023 Distracted Driving for Business [Infographic]

The 2023 Risk Index finds employees are using their phones when they are behind the wheel, and it may contribute to distracted driving behaviors. In fact, the majority of employers (87%) expect their employees to respond to work-related messages when they are out of the office during work hours. And 44% of employees who take work-related calls while driving do so because they believe they always need to be available for work. Business managers can help put a stop to this dangerous behavior by communicating and reinforcing driving policies, speaking up when a colleague is driving distracted, and not calling employees when they know they are behind the wheel.


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